Prue’s View-Skin Fair-League

Hi there gentle readers.

League’s Skin Fair creation this year is Erin; a stunning beauty with soft, sensual eye shadows and kissable matte lips. The Fat pack includes two eyebrow tattoos for Auburn & Black, two chest dehancers, 1 chest enhancer, Freckles, Hair base, Pubic hair and seven tintable lipsticks which I have worn throughout the photos. Skin Fair opens on the 14th of March and runs till the 30th. Check out Erin below!.


  • Skin-League(Nena Janus)-Erin in Pale Fatpack @ Skin Fair Slurl coming soon
  • Eyeliners-League(Nena Janus)-Wing Eyeliners & Avatar Lash Hider-Gift @Skin Fair Slurl coming soon
  • Hairs-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-Perfect Promise in Frenzy & Daydream in Hearth
  • Bra-Mon Tissu(Anouk Spot)-Blushing(free gift for group members)

Pink Fuel

Pink Fuel has always been a skin favorite for me, since I first wore Elly back in ’11.  Mochi has given some glimpses for awhile of Kumi, her newest skin that will be released hopefully within the next week. Kumi is worth the wait and I have nothing but praises for this skin(shocking right?!) as its really perfection.

Kumi comes in 18 eye shades and has available four lip packs including Lip Frost, Lip Glaze, Lip Tint and Matte Lips. All the packs also include teeth layers. With each of the base eye makeups, I have paired some of each lip pack to create a total makeup look.

With this post, I wanted to try something new; collages. I have sort of done them before, I mean, i’m able to do the basics of putting the images together, but as far as the image below, being all in one, im clueless. So I asked in the only place I knew to help me, Plurk. Thankfully, the awesome Melanie Kidd suggested pixlr and voila!. Ins-ta collages. Thanks Melanie.

Total Look-

Skin-Pink Fuel(Mochi Milena)-Kumi in Latte with Lip Frost, Lip Glaze, Lip Tint and Matte Lips packs(Coming Soon!)

Hair-!lamb(Lamb Bellic)-In Heaven in Honeycomb Ombre

Bra-Mon Tissu(Anouk Spot)-Satin Lingerie – Blushing-Mon Tissu Soiree Gift.

Wild One

Hello out there in blog land!. I’m terribly behind on my posts, so do forgive me:).

There are so many amazing New Releases; hairs, clothing and more. I have really grown to love and appreciate Mesh and designers who work so well with it. I can’t imagine my SLife without it now.

Hair-!lamb(Lamb Bellic)-Adore in Honeycomb root

Dress-Mon Tissu(Anouk Spot)-Frock Dress- Horses

Leggings-Mon Tissu(Anouk Spot)-Favorite Wool Tights ~ Heathered Mint-Mon Tissu Soiree Gift

Boots-Monso(Morphine Janick)-My Western Boots- At Vintage Fair

Hairs-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-About Last Night, Into Dust, Sober and Quiet Dream in Fawn

Hairs-TRUTH(Truth Hawks)-Elsa and Soleil in Swedish