Summerfest’14: Exile & Baiastice

Hi gentle readers.

Summerfest 2014 is opening tomorrow, June 22nd, and runs till July 13th. This is an event you cannot miss. Well you could, but you would be totally bummed out.

Exile & Baiastice are participating. Exile with two stunning hairs, After the Rain & West Coast. Baiastice with two bikinis, Freedom and Caprice.  Check em out below <3


  • Hairs-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-After The Rain in Pink Bubbles & West Coast in Pepper @ Summerfest’14 coming soon
  • Bathing Suits-Baiastice(Sissy Pessoa)-Caprice Monokini in Iceberg & Freedom in Green @ Summerfest’14 coming soon
  • Skin-The Skin Shop(theshops.resident) Deja in Tone 11 with Threaded Eyebrows(11) Black, Juicy Lipstick(11) Lush, Shimmer Eyeshadow(11) Onyx
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity in Parchment

FaMESHed April; Baiastice

Hello there gentle readers!

FaMESHed’s April edition is nearly here!. I look forward to the first of every month, as I know there will be so many goodies to snatch up.

Baiastice is participating for this round with the Ory shirt and skirt combo that I find optically pleasing. Check Ory out below!.


  • Shirt & Skirt-Baiastice(Sissy Pessoa) Ory Combination in Flowers-Cian & Yellow @ FaMESHed April 1st
  • Hair-A.D(Queue Marlowe)-Tootsie
  • Head-SLink(Siddean Munro) Emma
  • Applier-Curio(Gala Phoenix)-Head Applier for SLink’s Emma in Cloud
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity in Parchment

Prue’s View-Skin Fair-Nar Mattaru

Hi gentle readers!

Nar Mattaru brings Freya to Skin Fair; a soft, mysterious, youthful face that I cannot take my eyes off of.

Freya comes in 6 skin tones with tattoo layers for 4 eye shadows, 8 lipsticks & lip gloss. For this post I’m wearing the Sienna tone as is, without any of the tattoo layers for makeups. This face is so stunning and radiant, she stood just perfectly on her own. My favorite skin from Skin Fair thus far. Check out Freya below!.


  • Skin-Nar Mattaru(Jade Glazner)-Freya in Sienna @ Skin Fair on March 14th
  • Hair-LeLutka(Thora Charron)-Travail in Pitch
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity-Parchment

Prue’s View-Skin Fair-Dead Apples

Hi there gentle readers!.

Dead Apples brings Ari to Skin Fair; a youthful yet sensual skin that is sure to delight all. Porcelain is the skintone I chose to feature for this post simply because it swept me off my SLink feet.

Ari comes in 5 skintones and features 3 eyebrow shape options, tattoo layers for Freckles(Body, Face), Extra Dewyness, Rounder Cheeks, V2 lips in cold/warmer, V1 lips in Strawberry/Vampy Red. Ari also comes with different options for eyebrows including Black, Bold, Bushy(light, dark), Dark Blond/Brown, Light Blond/Brown, No brows and Red brows. Check Ari out below!.


  • Skin-Dead Apples(Soleil Reid)-Ari in Porcelain(Red Brow) with Eye Brows I, Heavy Freckles – Face (Tintable), Rounder Cheeks (Tintable), Lips V2 – Cold (Porcelain) @ Skin Fair on March 14th
  • Hair-!lamb(Lamb Bellic)-Love Potion in Sunburst
  • Bra-Kyoot(Saeya Nyanda)-Soft Words in Pale Pink


Hi gentle readers!

The holidays have officially arrived at Baiastice with the release of two gorgeous dresses Gemma and Grace plus the stunning jewelry set Rajah. I’m not that big on jewelry but I really do like this set. Perhaps i’ll change my non-jewelry wearing ways. After all, this is the season for miracles.

Check everything out below!.


  • Dresses-Baiastice(Sissy Pessoa)-Gemma in Black, Grace in Emerald
  • Jewelry-Baiastice(Sissy Pessoa)-Rajah Set-Sapphire
  • Hairs-LeLutka(Thora Charron)-Lana and Canto in Pitch
  • Skin-The Skin Shop(theshops.resident) Deja in Tone 11 with Threaded Eyebrows(11) Black, Flirtatious Lipstick(11) Lilac, Shimmer Eyeshadow(11) Onyx
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Casual and Flat
  • Nail Polish-Fishy Strawberry(Fae Eriksen)-Cupcakes
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity Eyes-Parchment


Howdy gentle readers!.

Before I start this post, I wanted to say how excited I am that is now a reality!. I know its nothing really special, but for me, its extraordinary. I’m a dotcom biatch!.

Analog Dog is part of this December’s Arcade with a fun hair themed, “Queen Of”. I can say honestly that this Queen, loves it!.  Check out Queen Of Hearts below!.


  • Hair-Analog Dog(Queue Marlowe)-Queen Of-Hearts RARE @ The Arcade
  • Skin-The Skin Shop(theshops.resident) Deja in Tone 11 with Threaded Eyebrows(11) Black, Flirtatious Lipstick(11) Orchid, Shimmer Eyeshadow(11) Onyx
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity Eyes-Parchment


Greetings gentle readers.

A new round of The Dressing Room is underway!. It’s always a must visit, the bargains just cant be passed up. One such bargain that caught my eye was the Ricielli, The Blue One’s pack. You get 5 pieces in total for just 70L and who can resist that?. Plus Fhara knows how to do a nice booty on her mesh pants. Check The Blue’s(some of them) out below!.

Get The Look

  • Outfit-Ricielli(Fhara Acacia)-Sweater and High Waisted Pants from The Blue Ones Pack @ TDR
  • Heels-Gos(Gospel Voom)-Paris Peeptoe – Metallics-Gold
  • Hair-DeLa(Kuranosuke Kamachi)-Jules in Black 04
  • Skin-The Skin Shop(theshops.resident) Deja in Tone 11 with Threaded Eyebrows(11) Black, Flirtatious Lipstick(11) Lilac, Shimmer Eyeshadow(11) Onyx
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity Eyes-Parchment
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Casual

*League* Aria

Hello again gentle readers.

Lately I have been restless with my avatar. Searching for what feels like ages to find a new ‘look’. League gives me the perfect solution; Aria. Hello gorgeous golden goddess!. I used to have very dark skin tones back in the day, but switched to a light tone for blond hair but im ready to once again don dark locks. Aria is my favorite skin release from Nena, hands down.

A girl can’t change her look up without a new outfit to go with it. The Nyx corset and skirt are a welcomed addition to my closet(aka inventory). I feel like a goddess. Let the birds sing!. Check it all out below!.


  • Skin-League(Nena Janus)-Aria in Golden(Fatpack), with Chest Enhancer E-Cup
  • Hair-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-Erase and Rewind in Blackgold
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity Eyes-Parchment
  • Corset-League(Nena Janus)-Nyx lace in Lavender
  • Skirt-League(Nena Janus)-Nyx in black(dirty version)
  • Heels-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Priscilla Plateau Heels Black @ Shoetopia
  • Feet-Slink(Siddean Munro)-AvEnhance Feet High @ Shoetopia
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Relaxed
  • Appliers for Hands & Feet-League(Nena Janus)-Golden


Hi ya’ll!

Aida introduces us to a gorgeous new face, Vera, that she has been teasing us with for awhile now. This skin fit me right out the gate like a glove(I love when that happens) and I can’t see myself taking it off anytime soon!. 12 makeups, Clean versions included with three noses in the fatpack. Check Vera out after the jump!.


  • Skin-Glam Affair(Aida Ewing)-Vera in Jamaica/Eyebrow D/Fatpack
  • Hair-LeLutka(Thora Charron-Jolie-RM-in Marilyn
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity Eyes – Poltergeist