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Summerfest’14: Exile & Baiastice

Hi gentle readers.

Summerfest 2014 is opening tomorrow, June 22nd, and runs till July 13th. This is an event you cannot miss. Well you could, but you would be totally bummed out.

Exile & Baiastice are participating. Exile with two stunning hairs, After the Rain & West Coast. Baiastice with two bikinis, Freedom and Caprice.  Check em out below <3


  • Hairs-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-After The Rain in Pink Bubbles & West Coast in Pepper @ Summerfest’14 coming soon
  • Bathing Suits-Baiastice(Sissy Pessoa)-Caprice Monokini in Iceberg & Freedom in Green @ Summerfest’14 coming soon
  • Skin-The Skin Shop(theshops.resident) Deja in Tone 11 with Threaded Eyebrows(11) Black, Juicy Lipstick(11) Lush, Shimmer Eyeshadow(11) Onyx
  • Eyes-IKON(Ikon Innovia)-Vanity in Parchment
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Exile for The Arcade

Hello again gentle readers.

The Arcade is a mere 1 day away and aren’t you just bursting with excitement?! I am!. Exile is participating with an adorable hooded dress with hair. If you’ve been following the Arcades site for photos, then you know there is a secret rare….that im about to let you all see. Hooray for whistle blowers!(thats a joke dont sue me).There are 16 of these little darlings with one super awesome rare to be had. There are 10 colors in both hooded dress HUD’s so I split them up. Check it all out below!.

First Snow-HUD

First Snow-HUD

First Snow-Glitter HUD(rare)

First Snow-Glitter HUD(rare)


  • Dress & Hair-Exile(Kavar Cleanslate)-First Snow @ The Arcade on December 1st
  • Skin-League(Nena Janus)-Aria in Golden with Mocha makeup
  • Hands-Slink(Siddean Munro)-Elegant1

Bikini Realness

Howdy y’all. Another new post?. Oh boy im on a roll!.

I’m really enjoying Summer Fest so far, as a lot of my go to stores are participating. Baiastice’s 3D Bikini is a sure fire winner in my book. To adorable. 

Exile’s, Bigger is Better edition for My Attic is truly….BIG!. The higher the hair, the closer you are to the roof of your car.  I am also totally loving the new HUD system of changing your hair in the tone rages of your choice with optional streaks. Hooked on the Ice Blondes HUD and especially the Pink Bubbles color. Far to gorgeous, I need this color in real life!.

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